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Granito Range

Essential info and product careclick to read  

The Granito Range is Metro Light with a hard wearing finish that resembles terrazzo.

Fibre clay products such as Granito and Metro Light are best suited for internal use when properly sealed internally and out of the weather. If used internally and drainage is not desirable, holes can be plugged with Selleys Aqua Knead It.

Although we recommend you use other products such as the Geo Rok, Pietro Stoneware, Balcony Light or Topline Ranges, or ceramic pots, for external landscaping jobs, fibre clay can be adapted for light landscaping applications if painted on the outside with a good quality low sheen acrylic exterior protective paint as well as sealed on the inside with a bitumen/latex sealer also widely available from hardware and paint stores.

Fibre clay pots are popular because they are relatively cheap but it is essential to understand the limitation of the product. Fibre clay will absorb water so it is imperative to seal the interior walls and base, paint the exterior and elevate with pot feet to ensure airflow underneath to get the maximum life from the pot. This is something you can easily do or we can quote you to do this. The use of drainage cell wrapped in geo fabric placed at the bottom will also help avoid water collecting. Potting mix as a planting medium is exclusively recommended for use in this product.

For the above reasons this range is not suitable for heavy duty landscaping or water features, or where directional plumbed drainage is required.

Finishes may vary from those shown in picture.

Where the product is not used as intended, as specified in the 'Essential Info and Product Care' for that range or the product is modified by plugging, cutting or drilling without the written endorsement of MKPP the warranty will be void.

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