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Crackle Range

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Cradle Range

Crackle glazes have for centuries been a feature of Chinese ceramics and are every bit as beautiful now as in days past. The crackle effect is obtained by the use of a special glaze mixture which shrinks after it comes out of the kiln and which is then rubbed with black ink to accentuate the resultant crazing in the glaze.

Our range of crackle glazed indoor cache pots are designed to be used as a sleeve with standard plastic grow pots for ease of use. The pots are sealed internally to prevent water seepage but it is still highly recommended when watering plants to remove the plastic pot containing the plant and place outside or in the sink while draining before returning to the pot.

Should the glaze start to develop any salty looking deposits on the outside they can be removed simply by rubbing with very fine, dry steel wool. Finishes may vary in appearance from those shown in pictures.

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