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Water Feature

Water features can range from something as simple as a still pond containing plants and fish to various pump powered variations on the idea of a fountain described below.

  1. The Bubbler is a self-contained water pot in which the water is pumped through a central pipe over a lid allowing the water to escape back down to a reservoir at the bottom.
  2. The Pond Bubbler is also self-contained and uses the same principle of pumping the water up a central pipe but without the lid, so the water fills the pond. This could also be used with plants and fish if desired.
  3. The Fountain is self-contained and has water pumped through the lid of the urn or pot and over the edge so the water must be collected in a pond trough to be recycled in the feature.
  4. The Pond Fountain has the water pumped to the top of the pond and over the edge to be collected in a separate pond trough in a similar fashion to the Fountain.

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