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Container Direct Program

Be a part of our Container Direct Program to experience the benefits:

  • Buy your stock at the cheapest possible prices, avoiding extra road freight costs on top of wholesale prices.
  • Access to a variety of consolidated items.
  • Gain access to widespread promotion on our prominent website.

The most cost efficient way to purchase stock is through our container direct program which allows you to land the goods for around 35% to 45% less than the wholesale price. Landed costs vary according to sea freight rates, exchange rates and location of business as well as amount of goods packed into the container.

As the agent we only make a commission on the Ex-works or Free on Board prices of the goods depending on the supplier. You become the importer paying the freight and importing costs directly to the providers.

Here's how it works

  • We present you with a proposal based on what you are interested in. This proposal will show what you will fit in the container and the estimated landed costs of the items.
  • We take a deposit for 30% of the estimated value of the container and place the order.
  • The goods will normally be ready to ship in six to eight weeks. This time varies according to seasonal factors. When the container is shipped we supply an invoice for the balance of the value of the actual goods shipped. Both the deposit and the balance invoice are not subject to GST because you will be charged this on customs entry.
  • When the container is about to arrive you will get an invoice from the customs agent for the cost of the sea freight, duties, if applicable, port charges and import GST.
  • Once the container has been unloaded and returned to the shipping company you will receive an invoice for the cartage and clearance.

The proposal we present you with will estimate all these costs. Occasionally there can be extra costs associated with customs inspections and delays and random steam cleaning etc. We do everything we can to make sure there is very little reason for undue AQIS attention however as the importer these costs are the responsibility of the customer.

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